India’s Love Commandos

In India, falling in love with the wrong person can be deadly. Every day, sons and daughters are beaten — some even killed — by their own families for rejecting the caste system and falling in love across strict social boundaries. In Delhi, a group of men who call themselves the Love Commandos are risking their own lives to save young people from vicious honor killings and forced marriages. In India, most marriages are arranged by parents, with potential marriage partners vetted on the basis of the caste system, complexion, horoscope, etc. The matter of love is rarely considered because love across the barriers of caste, religion, and economic class can be problematic. The Love Commandos are a group of journalists, businessmen, lawyers and human rights activists who provide housing, legal aid, and protection to couples seeking their help. They receive an average of 300 calls a day on their 24-hour helpline, and they have in excess of 450 shelters across India.