First-Time Babysitter Shocked After Parents Pays Her $330 More Than Expected

While babysitting is one of the most popular jobs for teens, looking after kids is no joke. It comes with a host of challenges and takes a lot of work, care, and responsibility to live up to the expectations. Just think about it, sitters need to follow the rules, deal with the pressure from parents, keep the little rascals entertained, and quickly think of solutions when emergencies arise, usually all at the same time. Unfortunately, many people assume that caring for kids is an easy task, but not one father who recently surprised a teenage babysitter by paying her more than expected. Not only was it the babysitter’s first time babysitting, it was the couple’s first time hiring a babysitter. During dinner with four other couples, the unidentified man asked what the going rate was for babysitters. One friend responded that he thought $20 would be fair, but the man thought $20 for five kids over 3-4 hours was terrible. On their Uber ride home, the wife came up with $15 an hour per kid — 5 kids, 4 hours, $15/kid = $300. So, the couple gave the babysitter $350 to include a “thanks for not killing our kids” bonus. Needless to say, the babysitter was floored. When the couple asked what she was expecting, she said she really didn’t know, but thought somewhere around $20. The father-of-five looked the babysitter right in the eyes and said, “Listen, watching kids matters to adults, so never think it doesn’t. Don’t ever sell yourself short. We appreciate you, so thank you for being worth it.”