A 120-Pound Woman Holds the Record For Eating Three 72-oz. Steaks

It’s not unusual to see big burly men belly up to the bar when it comes to setting records for downing food. What you might not expect is a 120-pound woman to put them to shame. Competitive eater Molly Schulyer now holds the world record for successfully eating three 72-ounce steaks in a mere 20 minutes. Not only did she finish the famous cuts of meat from the Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo, she wiped the plates clean and ate the side dishes as well. That’s three 4½-pound steaks, three baked potatoes, three shrimp cocktails, three salads, and three bread rolls. She downed the first steak in 4 minutes 18 seconds; the second was finished in 11 minutes 47 seconds; and the third was completed at the 20-minute mark. She attempted to eat a fourth steak, but it proved to be too much. Even the best competitive eaters hit the wall. Molly’s effort earned her a prize of $6,000 to add to her previous winnings. The mother-of-four has participated in more than 70 food competitions nationwide.