Why UPS Won’t Sell Their Decommissioned Trucks

It’s got style, it's got speed, it's got heart. It’s the adrenaline-pumping, track-destroying vehicle of your dreams. It’s the infamous UPS truck, and you can’t have it. The shipping company has a policy strictly prohibiting the resale of their trucks. Once UPS trucks have concluded their lives of being beaten to a pulp on crowded city streets and rural dirt roads for hours on end, they get repainted white to assure that only in-service trucks can pass for official UPS vehicles. Some are then repurposed for internal jobs, moving things around UPS facilities or transporting workers. If there’s no need for them internally, the retired trucks get sent to the scrapper. Even those that briefly experience an afterlife at a UPS facility will eventually meet the same fate, as the rule is simple: when the company is done with them, UPS scraps every one of its trucks. Not only that, but they’re scrapped under UPS supervision to make sure no truck gets out. The risk that secondary-market buyers would misuse them isn’t worth the relatively small price these high-mile industrial vehicles would fetch. Plus, with such an old and expansive fleet, spare parts are never in short supply.