Underprivileged Russian Families Receive Bags of Cheetos as Food Aid

Dozens of underprivileged families and families of children with disabilities in the Russian region of Tula recently received an unusual donation as food assistance from Rus Charitable Food Fund. Instead of the nutritious food you might expect to be distributed, families received bags of Cheetos snacks. If the story had been posted on April 1st, most people would have thought it was an April Fool's joke, but it’s true. Russian news media reported that Rus Charitable Food Fund had recently carried out an operation, distributing 1,100 bags of Cheetos to dozens of impoverished families in 10 municipalities of the Tula region. About 700 messages of gratitude were posted on social media, and while the posts were complimentary, the photos of the recipients with their Cheetos bags told a very different story. As you would expect, the feedback from the general public wasn’t very positive. So far, there has been no statement issued by Rus Charitable Food Fund.