There’s a Free, 24-Hour Wine Fountain in Italy

For wine lovers, a perfect world would include fountains that would have a never-ending stream of pinot noir spouting forth at a perfect 60 degrees. In Italy, that’s pretty much a reality. A vineyard in the Abruzzo region is now home to a fountain that dispenses locally-made wine to the public for free, 24 glorious hours a day. The Fontana Del Vino, as the Italians refer to it, is located at the Dora Sarchese Vineyard in the town of Caldari di Ortona. The fountain, which poured its first glasses of red wine in October 2016, is not intended to be a hangout for cheap drunks, but rather a roadside attraction where vacationers can quench their thirst as they tour the countryside. The fountain is located inside a large barrel that can hold one person at a time. The picturesque location, housing what looks like a gigantic wine cask, has proven that its Instagram-worthy.