It Seems If You Have Enough Money Any Problem Can Go Away

Alice Walton, heir to the Walmart fortune and one of the richest people in the world, has a horrendous driving record. In April 1989, Alice was speeding down a Fayetteville, Ark., road, when she plowed into 50-year old cannery worker Oleta Hardin, who was killed. No charges were filed against Walton. She didn't even get a traffic ticket. In 1998, Alice reportedly hit a gas meter while driving under the influence. Alice's attorneys argued that fatigue from a long day at the office was to blame for her crash that day, not her blood alcohol content, which was six points over the legal limit. She was convicted of four counts of drunken driving and could have faced up to a year in prison, but she walked away with only having to pay a fine of $925. The list of Alice's infractions and arrests goes on, but you get the idea. On Oct. 7, 2011, Alice once again found herself facing arrest for DUI. Her attorneys opted to wait out the statute of limitations, and in December 2013 the Prosecuting Attorney decided to let the statute of limitations expire because no blood alcohol content test had ever been conducted at the scene and the arresting officer was unable to testify after being mysteriously suspended. Consequently, Alice Walton’s DUI arrest was expunged from her driving record. Once again, money talks and Alice walks.