How Mr. T Became Associated With Gold Jewelry

Mr. T, whose real name is Laurence Tureaud, is an actor and professional wrestler known for his role on the 1980s TV series The A-Team. He is known not only for his distinctive Mohawk hairstyle, but by his copious gold jewelry. His association with gold jewelry began when he worked as a bouncer at Dingbats Discotheque in Chicago. When customers would lose their gold jewelry in the club or leave jewelry behind at the nightclub after a fight, Laurence would wear the jewelry around his neck as he stood outside. Customers who were banned or reluctant to risk confrontation by going back inside could return to claim their property from Mr. T, who was wearing the jewelry conspicuously right out front. He eventually parlayed his job as a bouncer into a career as a bodyguard, and that lasted about 10 years, with his clients being celebrities like Steve McQueen, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. When he finally transitioned into acting, the gold jewelry became his trademark, and the rest is history.