Ghost Ship Mysteries That Can’t Be Explained

A “ghost ship” is a vessel that's found with no living crew aboard. While there are fictional ghost ships, like the Flying Dutchman, ghost ships are still found abandoned, with no sign of the crew, even with modern methods of rescue, safety and communication. One of the most famous ghost ships is the Mary Celeste. On Nov. 7, 1872, a captain, along with his wife, 2-year-old daughter, and seven crewmen, set out from New York aboard the Mary Celeste with a destination of Italy. They should have arrived a month later, but the British ship Dei Gratia caught sight of the boat drifting in the Atlantic. No one was onboard the ship, even though six months’ worth of food and the crew’s belongings were still there. The lifeboat, however, was missing as well. Though the ship’s floor was covered in three feet of water, it was far from flooded or beyond repair. The most likely explanation is that the captain didn’t know the extent of the damage and ordered the crew to abandon ship at the first sight of land, but no one will ever know for sure.