Employee Who Was Accidentally Paid 286 Times His Salary Resigns and Vanishes

Someone in the Human Resources Department of Chile’s largest producer of cold cuts, Food Industrial Consortium, is likely profusely sweating right now. That’s because they paid an employee 286 times his monthly salary. Instead of issuing a paycheck in the amount of 500,000 pesos ($542) the man was entitled to, the check was issued in the amount of 165,398,851 pesos ($180,000). Now, the man apparently doesn’t want to give back the overpayment. He has resigned from his position and vanished without a trace, leaving the company no other option but to lawyer up and try to recover their losses. When the unidentified man received his check, he went to the office assistant to report the error. After checking the account, management confirmed that the man had been overpaid. The worker agreed to go to his bank early the next day and refund his employer, but that didn’t happen. When the company tried to contact the man by phone, their messages were left unanswered. A little while later, the worker called to report that he had overslept and was on his way to the bank. That, too, never happened. Two days later, the man submitted his resignation through a law firm.