Always Do This Before Letting Someone Borrow Your Phone

Smartphones have transformed our lives, mostly for the better, but they’ve also increased the access people can potentially have to your private information the moment you hand it over. When you allow someone else access to your phone to make a call, swipe through a few pictures, or try out a new game, you might want to control what else they can do with it before you pass it off. Because these scenarios often come up without warning, you need a quick way to partially lock everything down. With Android phones, you have two basic approaches: Guest Mode, which restricts access to the phone’s default apps and bars access to your data and logins; and Screen Pinning, which will prevent the guest user from navigating away from the app they intend to use and require them to have your PIN before unlocking any other apps. If you have an iPhone, the process is called Guided Access and it’s located in the Accessibility settings. Once activated, your phone will allow someone to use only the app on the screen, without them being able access anything else.