What's So Special About Curved Monitors?

When you walk into a movie theater, you can see that the screen isn't flat but curved. Although people view it from different angles, they all get the same experience, with better immersion. So why can you experience more immersion when you view on a curved screen?It's because the perspective of human eyes is not flat. The human eye actually produces a field of view with a forward-facing arc, with parts of the field of view extending out to the sides. This is also known as peripheral vision. Curved monitors cover more of your peripheral vision than their flat counterparts. The benefit here is that it's actually more comfortable for your eyes to look at your monitor under these conditions, and it allows you to spend more time in front of your screen without your eyes feeling irritated. In fact, studies have shown that eye strain is 60% more common on flat monitors than on curved ones. In addition, by covering more of your field of view, images on curved monitors have the benefit of feeling bigger than they would on a flat-screen monitor. There’s also less distortion and improved depth perception. With curved monitors that cater to almost every type of user, you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you.