Welcome To Cleveland

In 1978, photographer Mark Grubin was bored at his studio in Milwaukee, Wisc., so he went up to his rooftop with a bucket of white paint and painted the words “Welcome to Cleveland.” That might not sound like a big deal, but it just so happens that the building is right in the flight path to runway 19 at the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. Decades of perplexed passengers have spotted the sign, prompting them to call for a flight attendant just to double-check that they’re heading to the right city. The sign has garnered years of notoriety for Gubin, whose act of boredom even inspired a man in Sydney, Australia, to paint a sign that reads “Welcome to Perth” on the roof of his business. So, the next time you’re flying into Milwaukee Airport, remember to take a look out the window to see if you can spot Gubin’s sign…….and remember, you are indeed in Milwaukee.