Some Apartments in Los Angeles Don’t Come With Refrigerators……Here’s Why

When Jessica Miller was preparing to move into her Los Angeles apartment, she knew she would have to add a major appliance to her shopping list. That’s because landlords in Los Angeles are not required to provide refrigerators. If you don’t hail from the Golden State, you might think of a refrigerator-free apartment as a bit of a bummer, not to mention bizarre. Angelenos, however, are used to the oddity and have actually jumped on the bandwagon. Unlike basic plumbing, heating, and electricity, appliances are considered “amenities.” The state doesn't consider the lack of appliances a reason to make the property unfit for living. Other amenities include stoves, washing machines, and parking spaces. There are, of course, landlords who lure new tenants by providing appliances, but in most cases those properties are rented for a higher monthly rent. Many landlords even stipulate that all appliance repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. Oddly enough, there’s a state law that covers landlord-supplied refrigerators: Tenants must keep the refrigerator clean or chance being fined.