Jumping Worms — the Evil Twin of Earthworms — Could Show Up In Your Garden

Gardeners beware ……. the invasive Asian jumping worm could be wiggling around in your garden. These worms are known for their insatiable appetite and ability to jump a foot in the air. True to their name, they jump and thrash immediately when handled, behaving more like a threatened snake than a worm. Some get so rambunctious that they break, shedding their tail. They have even been known to jump off the ground or out of bait cans. As if that’s not strange enough, jumping worms are extremely active and aggressive and have a voracious appetite. Native to East Asia, these worms arrived in the United States in the early 1900s, tucked away in the soil of potted plants. Since then, they have wiggled their way across the U.S. and can now be found in at least 34 states. If you do happen to find some of these slithering invaders in your garden, remove and destroy them. Every adult captured and killed means a lot fewer egg filled cocoons left behind to further infest the garden.