Doctors-Only Dating Site Sparks Controversy

Have you ever wished that you could find a significant other who shared your profession? Well, if you happen to be a doctor, you’re in luck. Medico Life Partner is an online matchmaking service that aims to help doctors find “high-quality partners” who share their profession. The site, which only accepts doctors, offers a variety of plans that range from $50 to $250. Don’t worry, they’re doctors…..they can afford it. The website points out that marriage isn’t about love, but a well thought-out and logical process. Apparently, if you’ve managed to become a doctor, you’re better off finding someone who did the same. That’s where the controversy surrounding Medico Life Partner lies. Many are accusing the company of promotion classism. Proponents, however, say doctors marrying within their profession is not only convenient, but smart, considering that marrying someone who understands the frenetic schedule doctors keep would be a bonus. Still others say they’re waiting for similar online dating platforms for lawyers and engineers.