When McDonald’s Tried to Make Onion Nuggets Happen

Not every McDonald’s menu item has been as successful as the Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets. The chain has a long history of failures that include everything from pizza to spaghetti. While those dishes aren’t missed by most customers, a cult following has developed around one short-lived offering from the 1970s: the Onion Nuggets. McDonald’s served Onion Nuggets in select U.S. markets in 1978 and 1979. The reason why people stopped buying Onion Nuggets was that McDonald's decided against pursuing the prototype further in favor of another battered and fried product that's since become an iconic menu offering: McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, which were introduced in 1980. Some fans have created webpages demanding the return of the Onion Nuggets, while others have tried making their own version of the greasy treat at home. McDonald's hasn't announced any plans to revive the item, but it's not outside the realm of possibility.