The Unluckiest Ship In The World

The unluckiest ship in the world also happened to be a World War II destroyer. Commissioned in 1943, the USS William D. Porter would be sunk only two years later. However, that’s not what made her unlucky. In fact, sinking was probably the best thing that could have happened to her. Even before leaving port, the ship was causing problems, managing to tear the railings and life boats off a sister ship with her anchor. The Porter rendezvoused with the USS Iowa, and less than a day later, a depth charge fell off the deck of the Porter and exploded, causing the Iowa and escort ships to scatter, believing themselves to be under attack from a German U-boat. A day later, Iowa conducted an anti-aircraft drill to show the President her ability to defend herself. Not wanting to be outshined, the Porter simulated a torpedo drill by going through the motions of firing a torpedo at the Iowa. You guessed it, she fired an actual live torpedo at the Iowa — the ship carrying the President! As a result, Porter would be met by any friendly ships with the message “Don’t shoot, We’re Republicans!” During this period, they also managed to have a sailor washed off deck, never to be seen again. It wasn’t a very good start. In 1945, the war was reaching its climax and no personnel could be spared. The Porter was sent to the Pacific to fight and escort ships. The gunners fired with precision and downed the enemy. One of the downed Kamikaze planes, however, plowed into the water right in front of the Porter, went underneath, and exploded. The resulting explosion lifted the ship completely out of the water before slamming it back down. For three hours the unluckiest ship in the world tried to stay afloat, but it was not to be.