The Roots of the Marine Call “Oorah!"

Marines hear it each and every day. Ingrained into their minds since boot camp, this distinctly Marine call is barked back and forth in an almost endless stream of motivation. So, where did the saying come from? Marines and historians have determined the true origins of "Oorah" lie with recon Marines stationed in Korea in 1953. During that time, reconnaissance Marines in the 1st Amphibious Reconnaissance Company found themselves traveling via submarine to where they were needed. The memorable call of "dive, dive!" would be called on the intercom and a klaxon alarm — which made a very distinct "Aarugha” sound — would announce the descent of the sub below water. The recon Marines who heard the sound often began using it as a motivational tool during runs and physical training. Over time, the word "Aarugha" came to be too much of a mouthful and eventually molded itself into the familiar “Oorah." "Oorah" is just one of the things that separates Marines from any other branch of service, and has become a part of our lasting history,” said retired Marine Maj. Gary Marte.