How to Avoid Shortages and Delays This Holiday Shopping Season

How many times have you stood by the window, waiting for the delivery of something you ordered? You’ve probably already started to notice that your online purchases are taking longer to arrive. Well, buckle up, because we’re only halfway through November, and if you’re someone who's required to or somehow enjoys holiday shopping, and prefer to do so online, things are about to get bumpy. Between regular shipping delays and one disruption of the supply chain after another, you’re better off getting creative when it comes to gifts this year. Shopping locally has all sorts of benefits, but this year, local merchants also have a leg-up on online retailers: If you see something you like, you can walk out of the store with it that very day. No waiting for delivery that may or may not come. You also might want to consider a membership or subscription that could be just right for your friends or loved ones. There are music subscriptions, subscriptions to video streaming services, and the old reliable print publications that might be the perfect gift. Gift giving doesn't always mean a trip to the store or purchases from large online merchants either. Instead, some of the best gifts can be those that you create yourself. Consider surprising loved ones with homemade gifts and treats. Involving children or other family members in the creative process can help create both gifts and treasured holiday memories, as well as saving you some money.