How Are No Standing, No Parking, and No Stopping Signs Different?

Have you ever come across a situation when you want to grab a cup of coffee on the go but there are these signs along the curb which are really confusing? Often, people get puzzled trying to figure out the difference between No Standing, No Parking and No Stopping Signs. Though confusing, each and every sign carries a distinct meaning and purpose. 


A No Standing Sign permits you to stop your vehicle to allow a person to move out of the car or pick up someone who is present there, but it doesn't permit waiting. Loading and unloading of goods is also not permitted under this sign. 


This No Parking Sign implies that one can't park or wait for somebody but can load and unload goods and let people out of the vehicle. “Drop-off” is the key word for this sign that advises to keep the car moving. 


A No Stopping Sign is a warning sign which indicates that one can't stop for any reason whatsoever. A motorist can't stop when this sign is posted, except in cases where the driver is stopped by a police officer or to obey a traffic rule.