Central Park's 1,600 Cast Iron Lamp Posts Hide This Helpful Secret

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through Central Park in New York, chances are you spotted a lamppost or two. The park has approximately 1,600 of the cast iron lampposts that act as navigational tools. Even with the skyscrapers around the park now, one could easily get lost in the massive expanse of Central Park. Have no fear, those lampposts can actually help you find your way out. Each lamppost is fitted with a set of numbers at the base. The first two or three numbers indicate the closest cross street, and the last number indicates what side of town you’re closest to. An odd number indicates you’re on the west side, and even means east. The lampposts were designed by Henry Bacon in 1907, and the numbers he added are a nifty trick to keep in mind the next time you wander through the park’s lush expanse.