Stop Cutting the Crust Off Your Bread

Most kids are back in school now and that means some moms are battling once again with their picky eaters. One of the biggest concessions mothers make is cutting the crust off their little darlings’ sandwiches, but should they be? Scientific studies have investigated whether the crust of bread contain more nutrients than the moist, springy interior, and the short answer is yes, it does. The reason for this is that the baking process causes the exterior of the bread to become firmer and more browned. This chemical baking process also results in changes to the nutrients in the crust of bread. Compared to the pale inside of a piece of bread, the crust actually contains eight times as much pronyl-lysine, an antioxidant that may reverse cellular damage and lower risks for cancer. The crust also contains more dietary fiber than the inside. So what is a parent to do with a picky eater who insists on removing the crust? It's important to keep in mind that this isn't the end of the world. Yes, the crust contains more antioxidants and fiber, but there are other strategies to increase your child’s intake of antioxidants and dietary fiber. For instance, it's best to switch to whole-wheat or whole-grain bread. These bread products naturally contain more dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates than white bread. Adding fruits and vegetables that your child does enjoy to the lunchbox can help also him or her get more antioxidants.