Owners Find a Big Surprise When Checking Their Suitcase on a Southwest Flight

Kristi and Jared Owens were planning a quick getaway trip to Las Vegas when they were stopped at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport in Texas because their suitcase was overweight. They were offered the options of checking it as-is for a fee, or moving some stuff into their carry-ons. Wanting to avoid an additional fee, the Owens decided to open up their suitcase and remove some of their belongings. That’s when they discovered Icky, their 5-pound rescue chihuahua, hiding inside one of Jared’s cowboy boots. Icky, it turns out, has a habit of hiding. So, when Jared was packing the boots, Icky apparently sneaked inside. The Owens, who have two children, three dogs, a rabbit, and a lot of fish, were just looking for a little romantic getaway, but now they were faced with a dilemma. Fortunately, the couple arranged to have Jared’s uncle race to the airport and take Icky home to Kristi’s mother, who was watching the kids and other pets. They ultimately made it to Vegas and saw the Icky incident as a good omen.