Meal Ticket: Man Goes to Six Flags Just for the Food

When people visit an amusement park like Disney World or Six Flags, they don’t normally think about the calorie-heavy foods that await them inside the gates. They are, after all, there for a day of escape. One man, however, made his nutritional pyramid almost exclusively out of the menu at Six Flags. Dylan, an electrical engineer who — understandably — doesn’t want his last name disclosed, has made regular stops at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., for the past seven years. Paying $150 for a season pass entitles him to free parking and two free meals daily. Based on some amusement park math, the $150 fee works out to a daily meal cost of just 41¢ — about 20¢ a meal. Looking to pay off debt and save for the future, Dylan opted to take advantage of the slick deal. Even better is the fact that Dylan just works five minutes from the park, allowing him to duck in and out for burgers, pizza, and other foods that aren’t intended to be eaten daily. Dylan says the menu at Six Flags has evolved over time and now includes slightly healthier options like meat-free meatball subs. He, of course, points out that his motivation is strictly financial. “One of my coworkers said she spent $1,500 a month eating out.” Now THAT’S motivation.