If You See a Blue Trick or Treat Bucket During Halloween, This Is What It Means

Halloween is one of the best family holidays of the year. The kids get to have fun with costumes and trick-or-treat, while parents get to invest in spooky decor and talk about Halloween from years past. However, Halloween doesn’t look the same for everyone. While you’re passing out candy this year, keep an eye out for kids with a blue Halloween candy bucket. The unusual color has become an unofficial signifier for kids on the autism spectrum. While we’re used to the normal Halloween practices, it’s important to note that some children with autism may be non-verbal. Because of this, saying “trick or treat” as soon as the door is opened may not garner the response you’re used to. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout for kids with the blue bucket and to make their visit for candy the best it can be for them.