Volkswagen Discontinues Its Best-Selling Product: Sausage

Volkswagen just made the “wurst” business decision they've ever made. Although the legendary automaker is known for various Beetles, it’s the company’s currywurst sausage that’s the big seller. Manufactured at the company’s Wolfsburg plant, the sausages are sold not only in the restaurants of its six German factories, but externally at supermarkets and football stadiums. But now a tragedy faces sausage fans. An internal document has announced that Volkswagen will phase out VW part number 199398500A. You’ll never see this part on a car, unless you want to install a sausage in it. The part number belongs to the beloved currywurst sausage, the single most manufactured Volkswagen product, with more than 7 million produced a year. Apparently, the currywurst is too carbon-intensive to produce and it must go. In the future, the Wolfsburg canteen will serve more plant-based foods, including a vegan variant of the currywurst. First, Volkswagen discontinued the Beetle, and now the currywurst. Is nothing sacred?