Spitting Antelope Poop Is a Sport

Somewhere along the line, perhaps during a moment of extreme boredom while hunting, someone picked up an antelope dung pellet, put it in his mouth, and spat it a great distance. Perhaps his companion did the same thing, maybe spitting it even farther……and thus a sport was born. In the sport of dung-spitting, each competitor selects a pellet of antelope poop and spits it as far as possible, with the final resting place marking the distance of record. You might be wondering just how popular a sport dung spitting is. Apparently, it’s popular enough that there’s been a world championship since 1994. So far, the world champion — a man named Shaun van Rensburg — was able to spit a pellet 51 feet. To make that a little more clear, if he spat from a pitcher’s mound, the poop would probably make it to home plate. Imagine your biggest achievement in life being able to spit poop the farthest.