Seattle Airport Uses Robot To Deliver Food Right To Your Gate

A small robot on wheels has begun roaming the terminals at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, delivering meals to travelers waiting at their gates. The airport recently introduced "OrderSEA," a mobile ordering service that links travelers with 16 of the airport's restaurants to order pick up when they're crunched for time. The robot, named Gita, is helping to make the airport experience more flexible and less stressful says Sam Cho, Port of Seattle Commissioner. Gita is capable of storing up to 40 pounds of food and delivering it around the terminal — for a $2.99 fee. For now, the robot is accompanied by a human escort, but if demand for the service is high, a fleet of Gita robots could soon be wheeling around the terminal, unaccompanied. OrderSEA currently allows for orders from McDonald’s, Trail Head BBQ and Pizza Vino, but more options will be added in the coming months.