Japanese Man Claims To Have Been Sleeping Just 30 Minutes a Day For the Last 12 Years

Daisuke Hori, a 36-year-old man from Japan, claims he has spent the last few years training his mind and body to function on as little sleep as possible, getting only 30 minutes of sleep a day. He also claims he doesn’t get tired at all. Hori, who is the chairman of the Japan Short-Sleeper Association, now teaches others how to lower their daily sleeping time so they can enjoy life more. Because 30 minutes of sleep hardly sounds sustainable over long periods of time, the producers of a popular Japanese TV show challenged Hori to showcase his daily routine on-camera for a period of three days. He agreed to have a TV crew follow him around and he managed to get by on just 30 minutes of sleep a day, sometimes even less. Viewers were most curious how the 36-year-old managed to fight off sleepiness after eating, as most people struggle to resist the drowsiness caused by insulin spikes. Hori said that he did, in fact, get sleepy himself, but made sure to consume caffeine to avoid falling asleep until the insulin level dropped to normal again. There are, of course, those who still don’t believe Hori’s claims.