How the Founder of Lost His Girlfriend to a Man She Met On the Site

Way back in the infancy of the Internet, online dating was a relatively new thing. In 1993, Gary Kremen saw potential in online dating, but the world was yet to be convinced, so he created Since people weren’t dating online — probably due to it having negative connotations — he worked on a solution to the problem. What Kremen did was to get everyone in the company to create a profile on the site. That even included his girlfriend at the time (pictured above), even though they were technically in a relationship. It appears as though his idea worked. The trick helped the company grow the number of users, but it came at a cost Kremen. His girlfriend met another man on the site and wound up leaving Kremen for him. For Kremen, all was not lost. He has said that although it was painful, it showed him that the site actually worked. Today is one of the world’s largest and most popular websites, ranked in the top 500 worldwide, with a total of 21,575,000 members. What about Kremen? He actually got married in 2008 and now has two sons. He didn't, however, meet his wife on