Fastest-Accelerating Roller Coaster Closes Because Riders Keep Breaking Their Bones

Do-Dodonpa, the world’s fastest-accelerating roller coaster, has been temporarily closed after a number of people have broken their backs or necks while riding it. Located in the Fuji-Q Highland Park, in Fujiyoshida, Japan, the Do-Dodonpa roller coaster has been operating since 2001, offering riders an adrenaline-fueled experience. It's famous for being able to accelerate from zero to 112 mph in just 1.56 seconds. Despite its speed, the ride had never caused any injuries until December of last year. Although the park closed the ride to conduct an investigation, the results provided no explanation for the injuries. Naoya Miyasato, Professor of Architecture at Nihon University speculates that the bone injuries might have something to do with the rapid acceleration of the roller coaster, which at its peak is more than three times the force of gravity and comparable to the G-forces experienced by astronauts during rocket launch. The professor’s second theory is that the riders’ positions on the ride could be to blame for their injuries as well. Do-Dodonpa requires riders to lean back against their seat and wear over-the-shoulder restraints, leaving as little space between their backs and the backrest as possible. One of the injured riders admitted that she might have been leaning forward during the ride. Although no technical issues were found upon initial investigation, the roller coaster will remain closed until the investigation is completed.