Every Seminole Indian Child Born Is a Millionaire When They Turn 18

They say you have to work hard in life to get anywhere, but if you happen to belong to the wealthiest Native American tribe in the world, you can sleep through life and still live in luxury. The Seminole Tribe’s main source of income is casino gambling, and more than 200 tribes earn around $35 billion a year collectively. That means that each person receives per capita payments every month. There are roughly 4,000 members of the Seminole Tribe, and their income is generated by 23 hotels, 11 casinos, and 168 Hard Rock cafes. With an annual revenue of $5 billion from the various operations, each tribe member gets $128,000 a year, distributed through biweekly payments. Besides their hefty paychecks, members also get access to free private school and college fees, senior citizen care, and universal healthcare. By the time Seminole children reach 18, they’re multi-millionaires because neither the child nor the parents are allowed to withdraw any cash from the trust funds until the kids reach legal age.