Dynasphere: The Car of the Future that Never Made it to the Future

In the early 1930s, the car of the future had just one wheel. That wheel, in fact, was the entire car. The Dynasphere, as inventor Dr. J. H. Purves called it, offered a cabin within the circumference of the wheel for the driver and passenger to sit. Inside the wheel, on either side, tracks ran completely around. The motor was geared to the track so that when the engine was started the motor pulled the track toward it and started the wheel in motion. Center of gravity was low to prevent the wheel from tipping over, and the weight of the motor was sufficient to keep them parallel with the ground. The two-seater was able to reach a top speed of 30mph, and the lattice-work in front of the driver’s eyes disappeared when the wheel was in motion. Unfortunately, the Dynasphere didn't succeed because while the vehicle could move along just fine, it was almost impossible to steer or brake.