A Golden Retriever Becomes the Most Popular Tourist Attraction in the Polish City of Gdansk

It’s fair to say that most major cities in the world are full of attractions. Each city has its own distinct architecture, places to visit, local businesses, museums, etc. However, not many of them have a dog as their local attraction. The Polish city of Gdansk can proudly say that a lovely Golden Retriever has attracted more tourists than any of its other venues. Known by travelers as “The dog from the balcony,” the "attraction" sits on the corner of Politechniczna and Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego streets, where a sweet dog named Milka wiles away the hours enjoying the views from his owner’s balcony. Although Milka had higher ratings than some of the most visited places in the world — including the Louvre, the Taj Mahal, and the Statue of Liberty — Google removed “The dog from the balcony” from its maps because it’s "not considered an official attraction of the city." Reviews have shown that people aren't happy with Google's decision, though word of mouth has kept the attraction going strong.