Why Do the Doors on Florida Homes Open Outward?

The vast majority of exterior doors across the country swing inward due to convenience. However, the building code for Florida requires that exterior doors for homes and public buildings open outward for safety reasons. These building code regulations were adopted after Hurricane Andrew’s devastating impact in 1992. One of the main benefits of using an outswing door is that’s it’s a safer option than doors that open inward. An inward swing door can make it nearly impossible for a group of people to exit in the case of an emergency. On the other hand, entry doors that swing outward allow for a quicker exit. Of course, the one drawback is unintentionally hitting someone in the face. Outward opening doors also provide an added layer of protection, as an inward swinging door only has a latch and a deadbolt to prevent it from blowing into the home. In addition, an outswing door with impact glass makes it nearly impossible for criminals to break into a home. There’s also no concern about criminals removing the hinge pins due to their innovative design. However, it's essential to remember that you can't use a screen door with an entryway door that swings outward. Ultimately, outswing doors create a more peaceful environment while also helping homeowners to save money.