These Car Colors Attract The Most Bird Poop

Is your car frequently covered in bird poop? Part of it could be the color of your car. A recent study revealed that red cars attract more bird droppings than any other color, followed by blue in second place, and green being the least. During the study, drivers were asked how quickly they removed the droppings from their car. Only 17% — 1 in 6 — said they wiped it off immediately when they saw it, 20% said they took action “within a couple of days,” and 55% waited until their next car wash. The remaining 8% never washed their cars or left it to others to clean it off for them. As well as being unsightly, insurance industry figures show bird droppings on vehicles can be an expensive problem and estimate the damage caused by bird-poop-stained paintwork costs motorists millions per year in unnecessary repairs. So, what can you do to remove the bird poop and avoid damage? Here’s a simple guideline: 

  • Remove bird poop at your earliest opportunity. 
  • A moist cloth should be used to gently lift the deposit from the vehicle surface. 
  • If the deposit is dry or doesn't lift easily, place a moist cloth over it for 10 minutes to soften the deposit. 
  • Dispose of any cloth or wipe used to remove bird droppings immediately and carefully wash your hands, as bird lime can harbor diseases.