Taco Pickles Are a Pretty Big Dill

It’s amazing the number of instructional videos that show up on TikTok for unusual and interesting food combinations. The latest one is for “taco pickles.” You might think it sounds like a good way to ruin a perfectly good pickle, and a waste of taco seasoning to boot, but those who have tried them say they can't stop eating them. Taco pickles are simple to make because they only require two ingredients: you guessed it, pickles and taco seasoning. Just add an entire packet of taco seasoning to a 24-oz. jar of pickles and shake it vigorously to allow it to fully combine. If you’re worried about it being too spicy, just add half the taco mix. Stick the jar in the refrigerator overnight and you’re ready to sample the latest foodie craze. Fans of the snack say it might remind you of tacos, but it's still mostly pickley. This recipe is definitely more for pickle-lovers than taco enthusiasts.