“Silent Man” Has Been Causing Traffic Jams in the UK for 7 Years

An Englishman dubbed “Silent Man” has been causing traffic jams in his hometown of Swansea for the last seven years by simply standing in the middle of traffic. Because he never says a word, no one has any idea why he does it. Since 2014, David Hampson has stood in the exact same spot, hindering traffic. The 51-year-old is the subject of a criminal behavior order, which forbids him from obstructing any public highway in England and Wales, but apparently he doesn’t care about that. In 2018, Hampson was sentenced to three years in prison for blocking the road, but he went off to serve his time without one word of explanation. His latest blockage occurred in December 2020, and now he faces criminal charges again. Police and witnesses have said that Hampson can absolutely talk, but refuses to reveal his motives. He has been jailed nine times for his antics, but continues to do it. During a recent hearing, Judge Paul Thomas said, “Either Mr. Hampson is going to spend the rest of his life in prison, or something is going to be done to help him with what are clearly deep-seated problems.” The judge indicated that the court wants to help Hampson, rather than punishing him. A psychiatric evaluation was ordered, but Hampson refused to speak to the doctors. His court hearing is scheduled for August 31.