Nobody Wants To Name Their Child “Karen” Anymore

There are plenty of good people in the world named Karen, but the name has taken such a hit in the current culture that fewer and fewer parents are opting to name their child after a meme. In 2020, “Karen” plummeted 171 spots on the list of the most popular baby names. In fact, it was the lowest rank for Karen on the Social Security Administration’s list since 1927. A total of 325 Karens were ushered into the world in 2020, an astonishingly low number when you consider 33,000 Karens were issued birth certificates in 1965. The Internet has made “Karen” synonymous with angry, selfish and impatient behavior in recent years, and now joins such historically unpopular names as Dove, Lovey, and Chestina, though it hasn’t yet achieved banned baby name status in certain countries, as is the case with IKEA, Nutella, and Hermione. The top female baby name in 2020? Olivia.