Kentucky High School Students Insist on Dressing and Acting Like Cats

The Meade County School District is dealing with an unusual situation: a group of high school students is attending school acting and dressing like cats. Called “furries,” the students say they identify with animals. They will hiss at you or scratch you if they don’t like something you’re doing, and all of this is upsetting at least one grandmother, who wishes to remain anonymous. The unidentified woman said she has two grandchildren in the school, and she began getting videos and messages from them showing the feline costumes and behavior. She decided to post them on social media so parents could see what’s going on. The grandmother said a petition to end the practice was created by students and has more than 1,000 signatures. “The students are told they can’t wear hats or shirts with the word Budweiser on it, but they can wear cat ears, cat tails, masks, and leashes. It doesn’t make sense,” she said. According to Superintendent Mark Martin, a petition isn’t needed. He said the costumes violate the school dress code the situation has been consistently addressed by the administration. "Meade County Schools won’t discuss individual student disciple due to privacy laws,” said Martin. The grandmother is urging parents and family members to attend the school board meeting scheduled for September 14th to request further action be taken. "This is still a problem. We have excellent schools here. I’m just embarrassed by what this has gotten to," she said.