Innovative Japanese Service Lets You Rent Paintings Instead of Buying Them

Buying works of art can become an expensive habit, but what if you didn’t have to buy the artwork, but could instead lease it for as long you wanted? Casie is an innovative service that connects painters and art lovers in a whole new way. Instead of brokering the sale of artworks, it offers clients the possibility of leasing them by the month. This model benefits both artists — who are able to generate more revenue from their works in the long term — and clients, who get to keep the paintings until they get bored and then swap them for new ones. Today, the company has an average monthly turnover of over 10 million yen ($91,000) and works with a large number of Japanese painters, both novices and experienced. The paintings are rented on a subscription basis, with the monthly price being 2,200 yen ($19.96), which includes tax and free shipping. Selection is made from a gallery of approximately 11,000 paintings. Delivery is 1-2 days after the shipping date.