Fritz's Railroad Restaurant: Food Delivery by Toy Trains

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas, dedicated to trains, the city’s original form of transportation. At Fritz’s, patrons order their food by telephone and it's brought to their tables by an overhead train. Toy electric trains run around the the edge of the ceiling throughout the restaurant. A mechanical arm stops your order at the platform above your table, which then lowers to deliver your food. This rig is a bit noisy, but everyone watches in amazement when a meal is delivered. There's nothing quite like the look of wonder on a child's face as the train comes chug-chug-chugging along with their meal in tow. Burgers are the main feature of the menu, but they also deliver hot dogs, grilled chicken, tenderloin, fish sandwiches, and grilled cheese. The restaurant was established in 1954 by Fritz Kropf, and now is owned by his son Fred.