Disney Backs Out Of Wine Promotion

C’est la vie, chardonnay. The Mouse decided that Costco’s wine aisle is no place for a cartoon rat. Walt Disney Co. said that it had abandoned the wine business, even before its first bottles of Ratatouille Chardonnay were scheduled to hit the big-box store’s shelves. Bottles of the French 2004 vintage Burgundy were to carry labels featuring Remy, the haute-cuisine-loving rodent who stars in Ratatouille, the animated movie from Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios. Disney said it and Costco cancelled the promotion after getting negative feedback from California winemakers and opponents of underage drinking. The domestic winemakers were upset that the film promoted a French product. Disney, however, pointed out that the entire movie is based on a French restaurant and French food and wine. In an unrelated action, Disney also announced they would no longer show their characters smoking.