Buying Books at the Airport: The Perk That Nobody Knows About

If you’ve done a lot of traveling, you’ve probably noticed that the bookstores at airports all look pretty similar. They’ve all got familiar logos, walls of inviting plane snacks, and, of course, towers of new hardcover books. Chances are you’ve wanted to grab one of those books for the plane ride and — if you’ve got a long flight — read it cover to cover. However, those hardcovers are a little pricey. Is it worth it to splurge just for the sake of relieving mid-air boredom? Why yes…..yes it is. That’s because of a unique program that these bookstores have in place. Airport stores are all owned by the company Paradies Lagardère, and all of them take part in what’s called the “Read and Return" program. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Whenever you buy one of those books, you’ve got six months to finish it and bring it back to a Paradies Lagardère location. When you do, you'll get half your money for the original purchase back. So, if you’re going on a trip, buy that book you’ve been dying to read, and read it on the plane (or over the course of the trip). When you go to the airport for the return trip, bring the book back with you and get half your money back. While you’re still in the bookstore, go ahead and get that other book you’ve been dying to read, or the sequel to the book you read on the way there. Either way, your boredom on the flight back is cured, too. But wait……there’s more! The book you gave back will be re-sold for half price! If the book isn't in good enough shape to resell, Paradies Lagardère will donate it to a library. Overall, the system is a win-win for you.