Weight Loss Device Works by Preventing Wearers From Opening Their Mouths to Chew

DentalSlim Diet Control is a controversial weight loss device designed to allow wearers to open their mouths only about 2mm, thus making them unable to chew, while making breathing and speaking possible. Developed by scientists at University of Otago in New Zealand, the DentalSlim Diet Control is an intra-oral device that can be attached to the wearer’s upper and lower back teeth by a dental professional. As you can imagine, the DentalSlim Diet Control device received a lot of criticism as soon as it was revealed to the general public, with many describing it as a barbaric instrument of torture. The scientist who developed it clarified that the DentalSlim isn’t a long-term weight loss solution, but was designed with emergencies in mind. Patients who require life-saving surgery but are too overweight to go under general anesthesia could have the DentalSlim Diet Control fitted and be restricted to a liquid diet until they reach a safer weight. Then, they can have the magnetic lock deactivated and follow a less restrictive weight loss diet. As a matter of safety, patients are given a special tool that unlocks the magnets in case of emergencies. The results of a trial study show that participants lost an average of 15 pounds in two weeks and were motivated to continue losing weight.