Time Affects Us All: 30 Celebrities Photoshopped Side-By-Side With Their Younger Selves

Aging is an interesting thing and a great equalizer. You probably won’t notice the small changes that happen to you over weeks, months and years from your day-to-day glances in the mirror, but the moment you take a step back and compare yourself today with a photo from the past, you realize just how much time affects us. Celebrities are no different, and a Dutch graphic designer is here to prove that. Ard Gelnick photoshops well-known actors, musicians and other celebrities side-by-side with their younger selves and the transformation is eye-opening. Scroll down to check out some of Gelnick’s fantastic celebrity comparisons. Above: Matt LeBlanc


Leonardo DiCaprio

Annie Lennox (British pop duo Eurythmics)

Drew Barrymore

Brad Pitt

Pierce Brosnan

Tom Selleck

Jon Bon Jovi (rock band Bon Jovi)

Marilyn Monroe

Ted Danson