This Train Station in the Middle of Nowhere Has No Entrance or Exit

Sometimes we’re in such a hurry to get to our destination that we forget to take in our surroundings. That’s not the case when passengers step onto the platform of the Seiryu Miharashi train station in Japan. In fact, they have no choice but to take in the view. Opened in March 2019, the unusual platform has no exit and no entrance. The intention of the design is to encourage travelers to take some time to admire the scenery around them before they resume their journey. Seiryu Miharashi literally translates to “clear stream viewing platform,” referencing its position overlooking the Nishiki River. Only a few specialty trains make the stop at this unusual station, and when passengers disembark, they find no ramps, gates or pathways leading them to a destination. Seiryu Miharashi is completely isolated in the mountainous environment, so people must wait for another train to stop when they want to leave.