The Rocking Horses of Lincoln

In the town of Lincoln, Massachusetts, is a patch of deserted farmland where people keep mysteriously leaving old rocking horses. Some are made of wood, some plastic, with rusted springs and broken legs. The first horse is believed to have appeared in 2010 with a single headless horseman that was put up as part of a Halloween show. The first horse began attracting others and the collection grew. By the most recent count, there are 42 rocking horses. Oddly, the herd keeps changing position, frequently and unexpectedly, but who moves them remains a mystery. During the Kentucky Derby, someone placed the horses in rows, as if they were racing. At Christmas, they’re wrapped in holiday lights, and once they were arranged in a circle as if they were on a carousel. The rocking horses have become a local attraction, with drivers pulling over to take pictures with them. Some people have even started calling the site “Ponyhenge.”