The Nutty Narrows Bridge for Squirrels

When human progress clashes with nature and wildlife habitats, it becomes necessary to provide a safe haven for animals in the form of wildlife crossings. The Nutty Narrows Bridge in the city of Longview, Washington, is just such a wildlife crossing. It provides a safe route for squirrels trying to cross the street. While most squirrel bridges are simply a length of rope tied across the road between two trees, the Nutty Narrows Bridge is an elaborate structure designed to appear like a miniature suspension bridge. Before the bridge was built, squirrels had to dodge traffic to and from the Park Plaza office building, where office staff put out a nutty feast for the squirrels. After seeing too many fatal crossings, Amos J. Peters, the owner of a construction contracting firm, conceived the idea of a squirrel bridge. The bridge is 60 feet long and made out of aluminum and lengths of discarded fire hose. In 1963, the bridge was hoisted during an unveiling and grand dedication ceremony. Over the years, the bridge has been taken down for repairs several times, and in 2014 was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.